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Jeff Fleisher - Photographer


   I've been interested in photography ever since high school which included a darkroom in my basement. I developed my first roll of film in a bucket moving the film back and forth by hand!  I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and received a masters degree in Photographic Science and Instrumentation in 1974. Photographic science is the technical side of photography...optics, photo chemistry and image quality.

     After graduation I worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for 34 years in the R&D Office dealing with overhead imaging satellites. I guess you could say that was the ultimate in landscape photography! During my time there I received a Masters degree in computer science. This combined my interests in photography with computer science to conduct research to improve how people could extract intelligence information from imagery.

     I retired from the CIA in 2006 which now gives me time to focus on my interests in photography and woodworking. I am a professional (part time) woodworker doing commissions for custom furniture and I teach a variety of woodworking classes. I've also gotten much more serious about my photography. I enjoy all aspects of photography but especially closeup and macro. Shooting closeup photos opens up a whole new world that is often missed by the casual observer.  In addition, I have converted a camera to record an infrared image.  This allows me to create images based upon visible light beyond 590nm and the near infrared.